flying officer

  1. an officer holding commissioned rank senior to a pilot officer but junior to a flight lieutenant in the British and certain other air forces

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How to use flying officer in a sentence

  • The clerk, in a species of rabbit hutch, glanced out curiously at the young flying officer.

    Back To Billabong | Mary Grant Bruce
  • "I opened the door and went down the staircase," said the young flying officer.

    The Hand in the Dark | Arthur J. Rees
  • There was an English flying officer in the camp whose uniform had been badly spoilt when he had been brought down.

    The Escaping Club | A. J. Evans
  • After it was over, I went with a young flying officer into the old cathedral.

    The Great War As I Saw It | Frederick George Scott
  • But, anyway, a German flying officer there had several in his pockets and gave me a nice one.

    Outwitting the Hun | Pat O'Brien