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[ fohl-der ]


  1. a person or thing that folds.
  2. a printed sheet, as a circular or timetable, folded into a number of usually pagelike sections.
  3. a folded sheet of light cardboard used to cover or hold papers, letters, etc., as in a file.


/ ˈfəʊldə /


  1. a binder or file for holding loose papers, etc
  2. a folded circular
  3. a machine for folding printed sheets
  4. a person or thing that folds
  5. computing another name for directory

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Word History and Origins

Origin of folder1

First recorded in 1545–55; fold 1 + -er 1
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Example Sentences

Finally, they needed to go to the recovery folder and purge it to permanently delete the email, the official explained.

In his early days in the field, Finney says, “you would spread your folder of nomograms on the hood of your pickup and make your projections in thick pencil,” charting on a topo map where the fire would be in an hour, or two, or three.

Do make sure to keep your emails inbox-friendly to avoid your notifications ending in the spam folder.

Each shortcut can open a file or a folder, or launch a program.

Meanwhile, her children weren’t even given instruction online when schools shut down — they were sent home with giant folders full of paperwork and told to complete it.

From Vox

Gloria opens a folder filled with legal documents, incident reports, and handwritten notes.

The enclosed folder, ‘Interrogation Techniques,’ was prepared in my Medical Division to provide you with a suitable background.

They all heard and adored the story of the college essay discovered by Nancy in an ancient family file folder.

A blue folder found in the house marked “GUNS” contained receipts and “firearm related paperwork.”

Perhaps he holds up a manila folder and declares “I is all done wit me quahtahly repahts boss, and dey is IRIE!”

One of the men asked David if he had any map of the region, and David hunted up a railroad folder which contained a map of Alaska.

Invoices should be filed in the folder in the order of their dates, the last one in front.

Casually, he placed his left hand in his pocket, then he turned toward Andorra, holding out the folder.

Each program is clearly written on a small folder, adorned with a Perry picture bearing on the subject of the day.

"Practice writing this," said Raynor Three, and laid a plastic-encased folder down beside him.


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