[ foo-zuhl ]
/ ˈfu zəl /
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verb (used with or without object), foo·zled, foo·zling.
to bungle; play clumsily: to foozle a stroke in golf;to foozle on the last hole.
act of foozling, especially a bad stroke in golf.
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Origin of foozle

First recorded in 1825–35; perhaps from dialectal German fuseln “to work badly, clumsily, hurriedly”
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What does foozle mean?

A foozle is a botched or bungled attempt at something, usually a shot in golf. It’s also a verb meaning “to bungle.”

It’s sometimes used in the gaming community to describe a final boss.

Where does foozle come from?

Foozle is recorded in the 19th century, possibly a German root meaning “to work badly or clumsily.” As a noun, foozle can mean “old fogy,” though the relationship between the two words is unclear.

Foozle has been used for bungling a golf stroke or a shot missed (foozled) since the 1890s. As The Complete Golfer critiqued a swing in 1905: “There was no power in this stroke, nothing to send the ball along. Therefore length was impossible, and a foozle was quite likely.

Foozle as a word to describe a video game’s final boss, often unimaginative and rote in form, emerged at least by the 2000s. Games or missions featuring such bosses are sometimes called kill-the-foozles. This foozle may draw on the foozle in its “bungle” or “fogy” senses.

How is foozle used in real life?

Foozle can be used in a few ways: as verbal adjective foozled (“bungled,” also slang for “drunk”), noun (e.g., That was quite the foozle!), and verb (e.g., Make sure you don’t foozle it.)

For most of the general population, foozle is a quaint, old-fashioned word and doesn’t get used much outside of video games or the golf course.


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How to use foozle in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for foozle

/ (ˈfuːzəl) mainly golf /

to bungle (a shot)
a bungled shot

Derived forms of foozle

foozler, noun

Word Origin for foozle

C19: perhaps from German dialect fuseln to do slipshod work
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