[ fawr; unstressed fer ]
/ fɔr; unstressed fər /



seeing that; since.

Idioms for for

    for it, British. in(def 32).

Origin of for

before 900; Middle English, Old English; cognate with Old Saxon for; akin to fore1, Latin per through, Greek pró before, ahead


for fore four

synonym study for for

33. See because.

Definition for for (2 of 5)


a prefix meaning “away,” “off,” “to the uttermost,” “extremely,” “wrongly,” or imparting a negative or privative force, occurring in verbs and nouns formed from verbs of Old or Middle English origin, many of which are now obsolete or archaic: forbid; forbear; forswear; forbearance.

Origin of for-

Middle English, Old English; compare German ver-, Greek peri-, Latin per-

Definition for for (3 of 5)

Definition for for (4 of 5)

Definition for for (5 of 5)


or f.o.r.

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British Dictionary definitions for for (1 of 3)

/ (fɔː, unstressed ) /



(coordinating) for the following reason; because; seeing thatI couldn't stay, for the area was violent

Word Origin for for

Old English; related to Old Norse fyr for, Old High German fora before, Latin per through, prō before, Greek pro before, in front

British Dictionary definitions for for (2 of 3)



indicating rejection or prohibitionforbear; forbid
indicating falsity or wrongnessforswear
used to give intensive forceforgive; forlorn

Word Origin for for-

Old English for-; related to German ver-, Latin per-, Greek peri-

British Dictionary definitions for for (3 of 3)



/ commerce /

abbreviation for

free on rail
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Idioms and Phrases with for


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