[fawr-hand, fohr-]
  1. (in tennis, squash, etc.) of, relating to, or noting a stroke made from the same side of the body as that of the hand holding the racket, paddle, etc.Compare backhand(def 5).
  2. being in front or ahead.
  3. foremost or leading.
  4. done beforehand; given or made in advance, as a payment.
  1. (in tennis, squash, etc.) a forehand stroke.
  2. the part of a horse that is in front of the rider.
  3. Cards. the player on the dealer's left, in a game with three players.Compare endhand, middlehand.
  4. Archaic. a superior or advantageous position.
  1. (in tennis, squash, etc.) with a forehand stroke.

Origin of forehand

First recorded in 1535–45; fore- + hand Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

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adjective (prenominal)
  1. sport
    1. (of a stroke) made with the racket held so that the wrist is facing the direction of the stroke
    2. of or relating to the right side of a right-handed player or the left side of a left-handed player
  2. foremost or paramount
  3. done or given beforehand
  1. sport
    1. a forehand stroke
    2. the side on which such strokes are made
  2. the part of a horse in front of the saddle
  3. a frontal position
  1. sport with a forehand stroke
  1. sport to play (a shot) forehand
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Word Origin and History for forehand

tennis stroke, 1879 (adj.), 1909 (n.), from fore- + hand (n.). Earlier it meant "position in front or above" (16c.); hence forehanded "prudent." Earliest use of the word is in archery, forehand shaft "arrow for shooting straight in front" (1540s).

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