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[ fawr-wawrn, fohr- ]

verb (used with object)

  1. to warn in advance.

    Synonyms: prewarn, alert, admonish, caution


/ fɔːˈwɔːn /


  1. tr to warn beforehand
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Derived Forms

  • foreˈwarningly, adverb
  • foreˈwarner, noun
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Other Words From

  • fore·warner noun
  • fore·warning·ly adverb
  • unfore·warned adjective
  • well-fore·warned adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of forewarn1

First recorded in 1300–50, forewarn is from the Middle English word forwarnen. See fore-, warn
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Example Sentences

If you’re curious, Charkaborty has a rather extensive rundown of her world and characters on her website, though you should be forewarned that the rundown does include mild spoilers for various characters’ true identities.

From Vox

Their margin for error is literally zero, and so hiccups from a half-dozen centrists can forewarn a doomed agenda.

From Time

As you’ve been forewarned, we’re not dealing with realism here.

More troops will remain positioned in neighboring countries, and attack planes will be within rapid reach, forewarned of “insurgent fighters” by armed surveillance drones.

From Time

This we forewarn the colored people, in time, is the inevitable and not far distant destiny of the Canadas.

It is a good rule, in reference to this point, to forewarn, instead of finding fault.

Melancthon doubted not that God had saved his friend by sending one of His holy angels to forewarn him.

Shibli Bagarag answered, 'To counsel in extremity; to forewarn; to counteract enchantments and foul magic.'

I forewarn you that I am going desperately into this affair.


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