[ foul-uhp ]
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  1. a condition of difficulty or disorder brought on by inefficiency, stupidity, etc.

  2. failure of a mechanical part to operate correctly.

  1. a person who habitually makes mistakes; bungler.

Origin of foul-up

1950–55, Americanism; noun use of verb phrase foul up Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

How to use foul-up in a sentence

  • “Peters claims a foul up at the turning point,” said some one of the gentlemen.

  • He worked on the line next to Ernie, and had witnessed the foul-up this morning.

    All Day Wednesday | Richard Olin
  • I've spent a lot of time setting things up so he could hardly help but foul up and we could bounce him, but what happens?

  • "I'm glad I didn't foul up your test completely, anyway," said Bonnie slowly.

    The Colonists | Raymond F. Jones
  • It was only by the narrowest hair, but that had been enough to foul up my plans.

    A Spaceship Named McGuire | Gordon Randall Garrett

British Dictionary definitions for foul up

foul up

  1. (tr) to bungle; mismanage

  2. (tr) to make dirty; contaminate

  1. to be or cause to be blocked, choked, or entangled

  1. a state of confusion or muddle caused by bungling

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Other Idioms and Phrases with foul-up


Blunder or cause to blunder; botch, ruin. For example, He's fouled up this report, but I think we can fix it, or Our plans were fouled up by the bad weather. This expression is widely believed to have originated as a euphemism for fuck up. [Colloquial; c. 1940]

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