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As Ron Fournier is in the habit of reporting, big time Democrats have reached just about the same conclusion.

I mean, even Ron Fournier of National Journal, usually devoted to the pox-on-both-houses, why-can't-Obama-lead?

How the credulousness of mainstream media figures like Bob Woodward and Ron Fournier enables Republican extremism.

Exhibit B, more comically, is Ron Fournier of National Journal.

The caution required in such a matter was therefore not exaggerated by Messire Jean Fournier.

However, she was by no means offended as she had been by the suspicions of Messire Jean Fournier.

Mary de Medici, her portrait mistaken by Papillon and Fournier for a specimen of her own engraving on wood, 461.

It was ill-done of Father Fournier, she said afterward; had he not heard her fully in confession?

At Lyons, Fournier, who shot his employer in the open street, was honored in a public meeting by the presentation of a revolver.





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