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  1. Fortification. a defense consisting of pointed stakes projecting from the ramparts in a horizontal or an inclined position.
  2. a ruff worn around the neck in the 16th century.
  3. a woman's embroidered scarf worn with ends crossed on the chest and pinned with a brooch or the like, popular in the early 19th century.
  4. Horology. a cutting tool for correcting inaccuracies in the teeth of a timepiece wheel.
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Origin of fraise

1765–75; < French, derivative of fraiser “to frizzle, curl” < Provençal frezarGermanic; compare Old English frīs “curled”


noun, plural fraises [frez] /frɛz/. French.
  1. strawberry.
  2. crème de fraise.
  3. a brandy distilled from strawberries.
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Historical Examples of fraise

  • A fraise is a palisade horizontal, or nearly so, projecting from the scarp or counterscarp.

    Manual of Military Training

    James A. Moss

  • Too much Fraise cannot be awarded to Mr. Watson for his exertions in rescuing this lad.

  • Fraise, my cousin, who is crying bitterly because her fine dress is wet through.

British Dictionary definitions for fraise


  1. a neck ruff worn during the 16th century
  2. a sloping or horizontal rampart of pointed stakes
    1. a tool for enlarging a drill hole
    2. a tool for cutting teeth on watch wheels
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Word Origin for fraise

C18: from French: mesentery of a calf, from Old French fraiser to remove a shell, from Latin frendere to crush
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