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free spirit


  1. a person with a highly individual or unique attitude, lifestyle, or imagination; nonconformist.

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Example Sentences

Cannes, it would seem, still embodies the free spirit that has long drawn artists to the south.

I was a free spirit who could pick up and go at a moment's notice, but those feelings faded when I realized what I was missing.

She hypnotized Cory with her free spirit, freer hair, and asinine name, coaxing him out of his shell and into love with her.

She was not so much a free spirit as a free agent, which is hardly what a parent is meant to be.

I discovered the free spirit within, embraced the experience, and marked the beginning of a very unexpected career.

But the people who are to be the subjects of these restraints are descendants of Englishmen; and of a high and free spirit.

The free spirit and the firm heart with which I commenced, one circumstance was sufficient to blast.

The free spirit of these "Paulistas" has passed to their descendants.

Let him forget where the long procession leads and wander about a free spirit and his wanderings will lead him to the madhouse.

Somewhere the free spirit must take its stand and claim its God-given distinction.


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More About Free Spirit

What is a free spirit?

A free spirit is a person who is highly individual or is nonconformist in their attitude, as in Romie lives in a rural area and doesn’t have the internet or cable because he wants to be a free spirit.

A free spirit is a type of person who is identified, usually by themselves, as being highly nonconformist and imaginative. Free spirits often go against societal norms and portray an attitude or lifestyle of spontaneity and peace. Free spirits often preach living a simple life and striving for idealistic values. 

The term free spirit is often associated with the hippie and flower child movements, a time from the 1960s to the 1970s when groups of young people rejected conventional society and continuously spoke about the search for self-knowledge, peace, and love.

Animals can also be described as free spirits. House cats, for example, are often called free spirited because of their tendency to roam outside of the home and their need for independence in order to live happily.

Example: Emma lives in a motorhome she drives around the country so she can live as a free spirit.

Where does free spirit come from?

The first records of the term free spirit come from around the 1530s. It combines the terms free, meaning “exempt from external authority,” and spirit, meaning “an attitude that inspires thought, feeling, or action.” A free spirit is someone whose attitude is one of independence rather than conforming to the society around them.

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What are some other forms related to free spirit?

  • free-spirited (adjective)

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How is free spirit used in real life?

Free spirit is more often used informally than formally to describe someone who doesn’t like to conform to societal norms in some way.



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