[ frish; German, Norwegian frish ]
/ frɪʃ; German, Norwegian frɪʃ /


Karl von [kahrl von; German kahrl fuh n] /kɑrl vɒn; German kɑrl fən/,1886–1982, Austrian zoologist: Nobel Prize in Physiology 1973.
Max (Ru·dolf) [maks roo-dolf; German mahks roo-dawlf] /mæks ˈru dɒlf; German mɑks ˈru dɔlf/,1911–91, Swiss novelist and playwright.
Ot·to Ro·bert [ot-oh rob-ert; German awt-oh roh-buhrt] /ˈɒt oʊ ˈrɒb ərt; German ˈɔt oʊ ˈroʊ bərt/,1904–1979, Austrian physicist.
Rag·nar [rahng-nahr] /ˈrɑŋ nɑr/,1895–1973, Norwegian economist: Nobel Prize 1969.


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/ (frɪʃ) /


Karl von . 1886–1982, Austrian zoologist; studied animal behaviour, esp of bees; shared the Nobel prize for physiology or medicine 1973
Max (maks). 1911–91, Swiss dramatist and novelist. His works are predominantly satirical and include the plays Biedermann und die Brandstifter (1953) and Andorra (1961), and the novel Stiller (1954)
Otto . 1904–79, British nuclear physicist, born in Austria, who contributed to the development of the first atomic bomb
Ragnar (Anton Kittil). 1895–1973, Norwegian economist, who pioneered the study of econometrics and greatly influenced the management of the Norwegian economy from 1945: shared the first Nobel prize for economics (1969) with Jan Tinbergen
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