[ fuhl-muh-nuhnt ]
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  1. occurring suddenly and with great intensity or severity; fulminating.

  2. Pathology. developing or progressing suddenly: fulminant plague.

Origin of fulminant

1595–1605; <Latin fulminant- (stem of fulmināns), present participle of fulmināre to fulminate; see -ant

Other words from fulminant

  • un·ful·mi·nant, adjective

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How to use fulminant in a sentence

  • Such cases are not so rare as they are thought, though they are seldom so fulminant.

    Psychotherapy | James J. Walsh
  • In some cases, the fulminant fluid only attacks the colour of the hair of the animal.

    Thunder and Lightning | Camille Flammarion
  • We also have the sadly familiar type described as the fulminant or, literally, "lightning-stroke" variety.

    Preventable Diseases | Woods Hutchinson
  • Thus we describe certain cases as ambulant, abortive, larval and fulminant.

    Plague | Thomas Wright Jackson
  • The howl that would go up in the Diet, or the Reichstag, the fulminant denials by prince and king and government!

British Dictionary definitions for fulminant


/ (ˈfʌlmɪnənt, ˈfʊl-) /

  1. sudden and violent; fulminating

  2. pathol (of pain) sudden and sharp; piercing

Origin of fulminant

C17: from Latin fulmināre to cause lightning, from fulmen lightning that strikes

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