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[ gey-ming ]


  1. the playing of games developed to teach something or to help solve a problem, as in a military or business situation.
  2. Digital Technology. the playing of computer or video games.


/ ˈɡeɪmɪŋ /


    1. gambling on games of chance
    2. ( as modifier )

      gaming house

      gaming losses

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Word History and Origins

Origin of gaming1

First recorded in 1495–1505; game 1 + -ing 1

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Example Sentences

Today, the Georgia Tech grad says her passion for design and analytics stems from those days spent in both the gaming industry and focused on productivity apps.

For gaming setups, creative studios, and even traditional offices, a dual-monitor setup is a great way to boost efficiency, and if you’ve got the space, this is the arm for the job.

I’ve done a lot of research on lotteries and other types of gaming.

Given that most of us working on this have a background in computing rather than e-sports or gaming, we put a lot of thought into the computing structure and developed new features for the Minecraft server.

This got me looking into what gaming options are available, and there are A LOT.

From Ozy

Both parties are now equal opportunity offenders when it comes to gaming the system.

Desert Golfing is the gaming equivalent of putting TV on in the background.

Women like (gaming blogger Anita Sarkeesian) were threatened, doxxed, and driven from their homes.

The lure and addiction of gaming—which went back to pinball, of course—became a sensation with Asteroids.

Magic and gaming involve in-depth worlds that feature both male and female characters.

It was at this parliament that the famous acts against horse racing and deceitful gaming were passed.

Aristide caught him by the collar as he stood on the covered terrace, a foot or two from the threshold of the gaming-room.

Excellent company; a frequenter of the home of Mme. de la Baudraye, where he satisfied his penchant for gaming.

He also gave me fortune; for out of that money I have made myself rich at the gaming-table.

The club in the Rue Royale, which was famous for its gambling parties, rarely saw one so desperate as the gaming of that night.


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