[ gey-tid ]


  1. (of patterns in a foundry mold) linked by gates. gate.

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Other Words From

  • un·gated adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of gated1

First recorded in 1620–30; gate 1 + -ed 3

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Example Sentences

The new old way of living is in fact a gated community in the Midwest where it’s forever 1955.

For women or the LGBTQ community, trailer parks provide the vibe of a gated residential community but without the price tag.

Saville said he and about a dozen others had waited 12 hours — much of it in an outdoor gated area on the shelter campus – to be taken to county hotel rooms.

In 2011, James was charged with prowling when he was found handing out flyers for a moving company in a gated parking lot in Jacksonville.

From Time

Rather than continuing the pattern of “race to the bottom” consolidation with more niche, gated data, the industry needs intelligent, consumer-safe ways to layer data onto existing inventory.

From Digiday

They are, as Kuper puts it, “the vast gated communities where the one percent reproduces itself.”

Ever thereafter, we regard art as some mysterious, gated territory where we cannot go.

They are exactly what I had pictured, typical cookie-cutter gated communities, but with far more weapons and barbed wire.

We act as if we lived in a gated community, immune to history, as if everything were happening for the first time.

The ultra-Orthodox rabbis gave these physically gated communities a theological rationale and infused them with Jewish purpose.

Curious impression that I shall be hauled up before a Dean or somebody for this to-morrow and fined or gated.

And she, being subject in love to a god and to a man exceeding goodly, brought forth twin sons in seven-gated Thebe.

For divine Achilles slew my father, and laid waste the well-inhabited city of the Cilicians, lofty-gated Thebes.

Homer's epithet of hundred-gated (ἑκατόμπυλος) may be put on one side as evidence, because the Greek poet did not know Egypt.

Formerly two sides were gated off, and priests alone walked there.





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