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[ jee-ol-uh-jist ]


  1. a person who specializes in geologic research and study.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of geologist1

First recorded in 1785–95; geolog(y) + -ist

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Example Sentences

Schwarze believes that “every aspect of science has a home in what we do as geologists and geophysicists.”

From Ozy

We do not yet understand everything we have seen, but geologists will be poring over this data for years to come, using it to tease out clues to the history of the Martian environment at this location.

Many others, particularly geologists, were unimpressed, hostile, even horrified.

Cruelly, the first was a geologist who flew on Apollo 17, only to arrive on the moon and realize he was allergic to the very thing he studied.

It allowed Darwin to propose his theory of evolution, geologists to carbon-date the true age of Earth, and physicists to simulate the expansion of the universe.

My background as a geologist is a major influence on this book, as it is on many of my books.

He lived with her for twenty years, never telling her his real identity as a renowned geologist.

Bass says he “kind of identifies with” Richard, the geologist who anchors the novel.

The geologist David R. Montgomery set out to write a “straightforward refutation of creationism.”

Geologist David R. Montgomery set out to disprove the Christian creationist account of the great flood.

But how does our infidel geologist set about his work of proving that the earth has any given age, say a thousand million years?

Thus in the Laurentian Lakes above Ontario the geologist finds evidence that the drainage lines have again and again been changed.

Mitchell, a North Carolina geologist, was killed by a fall into the Caney river, while engaged alone in scientific explorations.

I freed myself to speak to the geologist who seemed eager to be on his way.

I may not look quite so forlorn as the geologist did, but I feel it.





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