[ jer-uh n-tok-ruh-see, jeer- ]
/ ˌdʒɛr ənˈtɒk rə si, ˌdʒɪər- /

noun, plural ger·on·toc·ra·cies.

government by a council of elders.
a governing body consisting of old people.
a state or government in which old people rule.

Origin of gerontocracy

First recorded in 1820–30; geronto- + -cracy
Related formsge·ron·to·crat [juh-ron-tuh-krat] /dʒəˈrɒn təˌkræt/, nounge·ron·to·crat·ic, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for gerontocratic


/ (ˌdʒɛrɒnˈtɒkrəsɪ) /

noun plural -cies

government by old people
a governing body of old people
Derived Formsgerontocratic (dʒəˌrɒntəˈkrætɪk), adjectivegerontocrat, noun
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Word Origin and History for gerontocratic



rule by old men, 1830, from Greek geront-, from geron "old man" (see gerontology) + kratia "rule" (see -cracy). Related: Gerontocratic.

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Culture definitions for gerontocratic


[ (jer-uhn-tok-ruh-see) ]

A society ruled by elders.

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