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get in


  1. intr to enter a car, train, etc
  2. intr to arrive, esp at one's home or place of work

    I got in at midnight

  3. tr to bring in or inside

    get the milk in

  4. tr to insert or slip in

    he got his suggestion in before anyone else

  5. tr to gather or collect (crops, debts, etc)
  6. tr to ask (a person, esp a specialist) to give a service

    shall I get the doctor in?

  7. to be elected or cause to be elected

    he got in by 400 votes

  8. tr to succeed in doing (something), esp during a specified period

    I doubt if I can get this task in today

  9. intr to obtain a place at university, college, etc
  10. foll by on to join or cause to join (an activity or organization)
  11. get in with
    to be or cause to be on friendly terms with (a person)
  12. preposition See get into


  1. theatre the process of moving into a theatre the scenery, props, and costumes for a production

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Example Sentences

There's the hunky, shirtless, Let's-Get-In-The-Hot-Tub look.


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