or gie

[ gee ]

  1. a lightweight, two-piece, usually white garment worn by barefooted martial-arts participants, consisting of loose-fitting pants and a wraparound jacket with cloth belt.

Origin of gi

1970–75; shortening of Japanese jūdō-gi jujitsu garb, equivalent to jūdōjudo + -gi, combining form of ki to wear

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  1. gilbert; gilberts.

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or G.I.

[ jee-ahy ]

noun,plural GI's or GIs.
  1. a member or former member of the U.S. armed forces, especially an enlisted soldier.

  1. rigidly adhering to military regulations and practices; regimented; spit-and-polish: a platoon leader who tried to be more GI than anyone else.

  2. of a standardized style or type issued by the U.S. armed forces: GI shoes; GI blankets.

  1. conforming to the regulations or practices of the U.S. armed forces: Every recruit must get a GI haircut.

  2. of, relating to, or characteristic of a U.S. enlisted person: a typical peacetime GI complaint.

verb (used with object),GI'd, GI'ing.
  1. to clean in preparation for inspection: to GI the barracks.

verb (used without object),GI'd, GI'ing.
  1. to follow military regulations and customs closely; shape up: You'd better learn to GI if you want to be promoted.

Origin of GI

1915–20; originally abbreviation of galvanized iron, used in U.S. Army bookkeeping in entering articles (e.g., trash cans) made of it; later extended to all articles issued (as an assumed abbreviation of government issue) and finally to soldiers themselves

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  1. gill; gills.

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  1. galvanized iron.

  2. gastrointestinal.

  1. general issue.

  2. government issue.

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How to use gi in a sentence

  • There's my Dick, an' he wor only ten year older, I'd gi him to yer, wi a right good wull—that a' wud.

    The World Before Them | Susanna Moodie
  • "If ye hadn't gi'n me warnin', Liz, that there stun'd about fixed me," he remarked.

    Earth's Enigmas | Charles G. D. Roberts
  • "Happen he gi' him both, and throwed in th' Litany," shouted another.

    That Lass O' Lowrie's | Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • "If yo'll gi' me th' letter, I'll tak' it an' thank yo'," said Joan.

    That Lass O' Lowrie's | Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • We can gi' thee a bed if thou likes: it's no but a poor one, but it's none so bad—eh, lass?

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/ (ɡiː) /

  1. a loose-fitting white suit worn in judo, karate, and other martial arts: a karate gi

Origin of gi

from Japanese -gi costume, from ki to wear

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the internet domain name for
  1. Gibraltar

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/ electronics /

abbreviation for
  1. gilbert

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nounUS informal
  1. plural GIs or GI's a soldier in the US Army, esp an enlisted man

  1. conforming to US Army regulations; of standard government issue

Origin of GI

C20: abbrev. of government issue

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abbreviation for
  1. gastrointestinal

  2. glycaemic index

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