a method of defending oneself or fighting without the use of weapons, based on jujitsu but differing from it in banning dangerous throws and blows and stressing the athletic or sport element.
the sport of fighting by this method.Compare jujitsu, karate.


of or relating to this fighting method or sport.

Origin of judo

1885–90; < Japanese jūdō < Middle Chinese, equivalent to Chinese róu soft + dào way
Related formsju·do·ist, noun
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karate, wrestling, aikido, jujitsu, kendo

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Contemporary Examples of judo

Historical Examples of judo

  • Rashid judo chopped him and swung the inert body over his shoulders.

    The Green Beret

    Thomas Edward Purdom

  • He used his open hand, fingers together, like a judo fighter.

    Anything You Can Do ...

    Gordon Randall Garrett

  • Without thought there came back to him the long hours of training in hand weapons, in judo, in hand to hand combat.

    Medal of Honor

    Dallas McCord Reynolds

  • And the way the Weeping Greek kept hitting the other fellow—the announcer said he was throwing Judo cutlets.

  • It was a judo chop, the hand held stiff, the blow delivered with the side opposite the thumb.

British Dictionary definitions for judo



  1. the modern sport derived from jujitsu, in which the object is to throw, hold to the ground, or otherwise force an opponent to submit, using the minimum of physical effort
  2. (as modifier)a judo throw
Derived Formsjudoist, noun

Word Origin for judo

Japanese, from gentleness + way
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Word Origin and History for judo

1889, from Japanese judo, from ju "softness, gentleness" (from Chinese jou "soft, gentle") + do "way, art," from Chinese tao "way." "A refined form of ju-jitsu introduced in 1882 by Dr. Jigoro Kano, using principles of movement and balance, and practiced as a sport or form of physical exercise" [OED].

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