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[ giv-uhn ]


  1. past participle of give.


  1. stated, fixed, or specified:

    at a given time.

  2. addicted or disposed (often followed by to ):

    given to making snide remarks.

  3. bestowed as a gift; conferred.
  4. assigned as a basis of calculation, reasoning, etc.:

    Given A and B, C follows.

  5. Mathematics. known or independently determined:

    a given magnitude.

  6. (on official documents) executed and delivered as of the date shown.


  1. an established fact, condition, factor, etc.


/ ˈɡɪvən /


  1. See give
    the past participle of give


  1. postpositivefoll byto tending (to); inclined or addicted (to)
  2. specific or previously stated
  3. assumed as a premise
  4. maths known or determined independently

    a given volume

  5. (on official documents) issued or executed, as on a stated date


  1. an assumed fact
  2. philosophy the supposed raw data of experience See also sense datum

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Other Words From

  • self-given adjective
  • un·given adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of given1

First recorded in 1350–1400, for the adjective

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Example Sentences

I assume that you are tested frequently, but it is a given that your potential exposure also places your friend and his family members at some risk, making his choice seem even more foolhardy.

In the past, screenings in front of live audiences would have been a given.

From Fortune

In Bly Manor’s take, it’s a given that ghosts are real and lingering in the day-to-day lives of the living.

From Vox

If nothing else, this would help ensure we would have enough nimble and well-funded minds dedicated to tracking contagions at any given time—something that’s not currently a given.

Feuding is a given in an industry where the barrier to entry is relatively low and each week brings word of a new creator collective.

From Vox

I think we handled it as well as we could have, given the exigencies of production.

As it currently stands, the Via Dolorosa follows the account given in the Gospel of John.

I think you need to understand the history to understand where you are at a given moment.

And so, he says he left prison without proper ID, just his release papers and the “dress-out gear” he was given by the state.

Still, I wish that DuVernay had given us more about those who are less famous besides a scene where they all eat dinner together.

Many so-called "humming tones" are given for practice, but in accepting them observe whether the foregoing principle is obeyed.

The king was struck with horror at the description I had given him of those terrible engines, and the proposal I had made.

After about the forty-fifth year it becomes gradually less; after seventy-five years it is about one-half the amount given.

The weight percentage can be found by referring to Purdy's tables, given later.

Given one more Division we might try: as things are, my troops won't cover the mileage.


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