[ gley-sis, glas-is ]
/ ˈgleɪ sɪs, ˈglæs ɪs /

noun, plural gla·cis [gley-seez, -siz, glas-eez, -iz] /ˈgleɪ siz, -sɪz, ˈglæs iz, -ɪz/, gla·cis·es.

a gentle slope.
Fortification. a bank of earth in front of the counterscarp or covered way of a fort, having an easy slope toward the field or open country.

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Origin of glacis

1665–75; < Middle French; akin to Old French glacier to slide; compare Latin glaciāre to make into ice; see glacé Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (ˈɡlæsɪs, ˈɡlæsɪ, ˈɡleɪ-) /

noun plural -ises or -is (-iːz, -ɪz)

a slight incline; slope
an open slope in front of a fortified place
short for glacis plate

Word Origin for glacis

C17: from French, from Old French glacier to freeze, slip, from Latin glaciāre, from glaciēs ice

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Word Origin and History for glacis



"sloping bank" (especially leading up to a fortification), 1670s, from French glacir "to freeze, make slippery," from Old French glacier "to slip, glide," from Vulgar Latin *glaciare "to make or turn into ice," from glacies (see glacial).

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