noun Canadian chiefly Montreal.

ice placed in a drink to cool it.

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Origin of glace

< Canadian French, French: ice; see glacé



frosted or iced, as cake.
candied, as fruits.


finished with a gloss, as kid or silk.

verb (used with object), gla·céed, gla·cé·ing.

to make glacé.

Origin of glacé

1840–50; < French, past participle of glacer to freeze, derivative of glace ice < Latin glaciēs Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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crystallized or candiedglacé cherries
covered in icing
(of leather, silk, etc) having a glossy finish
mainly US frozen or iced

verb -cés, -céing or -céed

(tr) to ice or candy (cakes, fruits, etc)

Word Origin for glacé

C19: from French glacé, literally: iced, from glacer to freeze, from glace ice, from Latin glaciēs

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Word Origin and History for glace



"having a smooth, polished surface," 1847, from French glacé, past participle of glacer "to ice, give a gloss to," from Vulgar Latin *glaciare "to turn or make into ice," from Latin glacies "ice" (see glacial).

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