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[ gloh-ting ]


  1. the act of looking at or speaking or thinking about something with excessive, usually smug or malicious satisfaction:

    For all our gloating about how progressive we are on issues of race and sexual orientation, we lag behind on some other human rights issues.


  1. looking at or speaking or thinking about something in this way:

    Asked about the protester's arrest, the mayor said with a gloating smile, "I wish him luck.”

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Other Words From

  • gloat·ing·ly adverb
  • un·gloat·ing adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of gloating1

First recorded in 1575–85; gloat ( def ) + -ing 1( def ) for the noun; gloat ( def ) + -ing 2( def ) for the adjective

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Example Sentences

Team Christie has greeted the committee's news with somewhat predictable gloating.

Democrats nationally were already gloating about the results on Tuesday night.

He stands over the body, gloating, and then demanding a full confession.

Hakeemullah was later seen on tape gloating with the bomber over the plot.

After we finish laughing malevolently and gloating sometime in December, would it change things in the actual world?

When Lawrence came to, there were two guerrillas standing gloating over him.

Nor could he ever forget standing there in Sergeant McGinty's office while the sergeant did a bit of triumphant gloating.

The man only smiled, an evil and gloating smile, which Mr. Gryce thought it his duty to cut short.

This he actually forced me to do, gloating over my horror as I removed for him the traces of his cowardly crime.

Narth leaned forward, his face shining with the malice of his gloating.


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