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verb (used with object),glommed, glom·ming.
  1. to steal.

  2. to catch or grab.

  1. to look at.

  1. a look or glimpse.

Verb Phrases
  1. glom onto, to take hold or possession of: He wanted to glom onto some of that money.

Origin of glom

1895–1900, Americanism; compare Scots glaum, glam to snatch at, glammis jaws of a vise, apparently <Scots Gaelic glàm to grab, clutch, influenced by clam2

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British Dictionary definitions for glom


/ (ɡlɒm) /

  1. (tr foll by on to) to attach oneself to or associate oneself with

  2. US to acquire, esp without paying

Origin of glom

C20: from Scots glaum

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