[ goh-kahrt ]
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  1. a small carriage for young children to ride in; stroller.

  2. a small framework with casters, wheels, etc., in which children learn to walk; walker.

  1. a handcart.

  2. Northeastern U.S. (formerly) a small horse-drawn cart.

Origin of go-cart

First recorded in 1680–90

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How to use go-cart in a sentence

  • The little boy ties a string around a stone and drags it through dust and mire with happy conviction that it is a go-cart.

    Froebel's Gifts | Kate Douglas Wiggin
  • One Sunday we were down at the beach strolling along, pushing the go-cart in the twilight.

    Tillie | Roger Phillips Graham
  • As “3.7” tumbled out of his go-cart I looked at my watch and saw it lacked but a few minutes to noon.

  • Now, little Jim to-day, he was trying to fix his little go-cart and it wouldn't run right, and—and——'

  • Now he was ready to put those Herculean shoulders at any other bemired and rickety no-go-cart.

British Dictionary definitions for go-cart


  1. mainly US and Canadian a small wagon for young children to ride in or pull

  2. mainly US and Canadian a light frame on casters or wheels that supports a baby learning to walk: Brit word: baby-walker

  1. motor racing See kart

  2. another word for handcart

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