/ ˈɡəʊlˌbɔːl /


  1. a game played by two teams who compete to score goals by throwing a ball that emits audible sound when in motion. Players, who may be blind or sighted, are blindfolded during play
  2. the ball used in this game


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More About Goalball

What does goalball mean?

Goalball is a sport played by two teams of blind or blindfolded players. The teams try to score points by getting a sound-emitting ball into the other team’s goal.

Goalball was started in 1946 as a sport for blind or visually impaired World War II veterans. In 1976, it was played as an exhibition at the Toronto Paralympic Games and has remained a part of the Paralympics since then. Between Paralympics, teams can compete to play in the Goalball World Championships. 

Goalball is also the ball used to play in the game. 

Example: Sevda practiced her throwing for hours in hopes of making the goalball team.

Where does goalball come from?

The first records of the term goalball come from around the 1940s. It combines the terms goal and ball.

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How is goalball used in real life?

Goalball is a popular sport played mostly by blind and visually impaired athletes. It’s one of the most popular events in the Paralympics. 


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Is goalball used correctly in the following sentence?

“In goalball, the object is to throw the goalball into the other team’s net.”

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