[ god-fah-th er ]
/ ˈgɒdˌfɑ ðər /


a man who serves as sponsor for a child at baptism.
any male sponsor or guardian.
(often initial capital letter) a powerful leader, especially of the Mafia.
a person who is regarded as the originator or principal shaper of a movement, school of thought, art form, industry, or the like: the godfather of abstract expressionism.

verb (used with object)

to act as godfather to; be sponsor or protector for.


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Origin of godfather

before 1000; Middle English godfader, Old English godfæder. See God, father

Related formsgod·fa·ther·ly, adjective

Godfather, The

[ god-fah-th er ]
/ ˈgɒdˌfɑ ðər /


a novel (1969) by Mario Puzo.
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/ (ˈɡɒdˌfɑːðə) /


a male godparent
the head of a Mafia family or other organized criminal ring
an originator or leading exponentthe godfather of South African pop
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Word Origin and History for godfather



man who sponsors one at baptism, late 12c., from god + father (n.). In the Mafia sense, from 1963. Popularized by Mario Puzo's novel (1969) and the movie based on it (1972).

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