going to

About to, will, as in I'm going to start planting now, or Do you think it's going to rain? or We thought the train was going to stop here. This phrase is used with a verb (start, rain, stop in the examples) to show the future tense. Occasionally the verb is omitted because it is understood. For example, That wood hasn't dried out yet but it's going to soon, or Will you set the table?—Yes, I'm going to. [1400s] Also see go to.

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Examples from the Web for going to

  • "I'm going to," answered the Going-To Club impatiently, and straightway forgot all about it.

    The Goody-Naughty Book|Sarah Cory Rippey
  • Some day I'm going-to break loose from myself and hug Mamie Sue's funny fatness until she squeals.

    Phyllis|Maria Thompson Daviess