[ gruh-mur-see ]
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  1. Archaic. (used as an exclamation expressing surprise or sudden strong feeling.)

  1. Obsolete. thanks.

Origin of gramercy

1300–50; Middle English gramerci, grantmerci<Old French grand merci great thanks. See grand, mercy

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How to use gramercy in a sentence

  • The next morning, instead of going direct to his office, he stopped at Madam, his moth-er's house in gramercy Park.

    The Man Between | Amelia E. Barr
  • Upon this Sir Ewaine gave gramercy to Percival and saluted him, and so did the other knights, and they rode their way.

  • The wire-chief at gramercy Hill Exchange declares that it never went 117through the switchboard.

    Whispering Wires | Henry Leverage
  • No one talked with Stockbridge through the switchboard at gramercy Hill, at or near that hour.

    Whispering Wires | Henry Leverage
  • The superintendent at gramercy Hill will help us out if the call comes through his exchange.

    Whispering Wires | Henry Leverage

British Dictionary definitions for gramercy


/ (ɡrəˈmɜːsɪ) /

  1. many thanks

  2. an expression of surprise, wonder, etc

Origin of gramercy

C13: from Old French grand merci great thanks

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