[ grand-puh-pah; gran-pah-puh, grand-, gram- ]


, Informal.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of grandpapa1

First recorded in 1745–55; grand- + papa

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Example Sentences

They both agreed in thinking they had never enjoyed a more delightful visit at grandpapa's.

It sounded as if many of the people of Victor, perhaps Nicole and her family, perhaps Grandpapa, might have come through unharmed.

Yet there were moments, as many persons had noticed, when the great-grandpapa would suddenly take stronger hues of life.

This he did, and the price he asked for doing so was exactly the value of the gold coin grandpapa had given Cyril for Christmas.

Only be so kind, grandpapa, as never to say anything against yourself again.


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More About Grandpapa

What does grandpapa mean?

Grandpapa is an informal word for grandfather—the father of a person’s parent.

A much more common synonym is grandpa. The word papa is an informal way to say father and is much more commonly used.

Grandpapa should be capitalized when it’s used as a proper name, as in Please tell Grandpapa that I miss him. 

But grandpapa does not need to be capitalized when it’s simply used as a way to refer to him, as in Please tell my grandpapa that I miss him. 

Example: It doesn’t matter what you call your grandpapa, as long as you call him.

Where does grandpapa come from?

The first records of the word grandpapa come from the late 1600s. The word papa is first recorded in the 1600s but was certainly used in speech much earlier than that. The prefix grand- is used in family terms to indicate a person who is one generation removed, as in grandparent and grandchild. (The prefix great- indicates yet another generation, as in great-grandpa.)

Grandfathers often have special bonds with their grandchildren (who they’re known to spoil with love, affection, and candy). It’s common for grandchildren to refer to their grandfathers with informal names. Grandpa is perhaps the most common variant of the word grandfather, but there are many others, including grandpapa, grandpop, grampa, gramps, and grandpappy. Many families have their own specific version, such as Pop-Pop, Poppy, and Pa Pa.

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How is grandpapa used in real life?

Grandpapa is one of the many informal variants of the word grandfather. When it’s used as a proper name, Grandpapa should be capitalized.



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I’m a grandpapa of two and a father of five, so I know a thing or two about temper tantrums.