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great toe

noun Anatomy.
  1. big toe.
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Historical Examples

  • The great-toe is very short and is often destitute of a nail.

    A Hand-book to the Primates, Volume 2 (of 2)

    Henry O. Forbes

  • An imp—one Gout—approaches from the fireplace, and with the tongs is about to drop a red coal on the great-toe of Toper.

  • In the other quadrupeds with which we are here occupied it is blended with the long proper flexor of the great-toe.

  • The great-toe is large and can be moved from and to the side of the other digits, but is not opposable to them.

  • The knee is free from the side of the body, and the great-toe is well developed and nearly one-half the length of the foot.