[ grohts ]

noun(used with a singular or plural verb)
  1. hulled grain, as wheat or oats, broken into fragments.

  2. hulled kernels of oats, buckwheat, or barley.

Origin of groats

before 1100; Middle English grotes (plural), Old English grot meal; akin to grits

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How to use groats in a sentence

  • He loveth no groats, nor pence, or two-pence; Give us red royals, if ye will see his abominable presence.New Gyse.

    Shakespearean Playhouses | Joseph Quincy Adams
  • His chance was now weak indeed, quite like Grantham gruel, three groats to a gallon of water.

  • In the absence of groats, oatmeal furnishes the means of making excellent gruel.

  • Search in the larder revealed the groats, and the nurse began the cooking over the gas-stove.

    Married Life | May Edginton
  • But will you tell me where to find the patent groats, for I've come to make gruel and I haven't time to talk.

    Married Life | May Edginton

British Dictionary definitions for groats


/ (ɡrəʊts) /

pl n
  1. the hulled and crushed grain of oats, wheat, or certain other cereals

  2. the parts of oat kernels used as food

Origin of groats

Old English grot particle; related to grota fragment, as in meregrota pearl; see grit, grout

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