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[ groun-der ]


, Baseball.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of grounder1

An Americanism dating back to 1865–70; ground 1 + -er 1

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Example Sentences

Martinez called it a “bad cramp” that first “bit” García as he jogged out for warmup grounders.

Then he was close to a rhythm in the third, retiring the first two batters of the inning before Castro couldn’t handle a sharp grounder from Javier Báez.

Next Turner and Hernández tapped grounders to end the threat.

Yet Soto topped a grounder and, sprinting out of the box, kept them from turning two.

With the bases loaded in the fourth, Harrison hit a grounder to third and took off sprinting.

"Fly" and "grounder" to her were simply undistinguishable terms of a barbaric technical jargon.

Every young American who has ever tried to stop a grounder or put one over to first will enjoy them and want to own them all.

There was a ring of wood against leather, and an instant later Nelson, flinging himself to one side, reached for the grounder.

Instead of doing this, he smashed a hot grounder straight into the hands of Foxhall, the second baseman.

Instead of a drive, it proved to be a grounder that went clipping over the skin diamond straight into the hands of Pelty.


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