/ (ɡraʊts) /

pl n
  1. mainly British sediment or grounds, as from making coffee

  2. a variant of groats

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How to use grouts in a sentence

  • The grouts of coffee will in a few seconds fall to the bottom of the cups.

  • As a partridge grouts with her wings in a dusty furrow, so he worked in the powdered snow to make her a nest.

    Lore of Proserpine | Maurice Hewlett
  • The boys are especially fond of the mixture; they would drink it by the bucketful, and swallow grouts and all.

    Life in a Railway Factory | Alfred Williams
  • Only they did not say "before folks" now; the grouts never said "before folks" now—they said, "In the presence of guests."

    In a Little Town | Rupert Hughes
  • Her agitation went down the stairway through the climbing grouts like a cold breeze.

    In a Little Town | Rupert Hughes