[ goo r-oo, goo-roo ]
/ ˈgʊər u, gʊˈru /


Hinduism. a preceptor giving personal religious instruction.
an intellectual or spiritual guide or leader.
any person who counsels or advises; mentor: The elder senator was her political guru.
a leader in a particular field: the city's cultural gurus.

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Origin of guru

1820–30; < Hindi gurū < Sanskrit guru venerable, weighty

Related formsgu·ru·ship, noun


[ nah-nuh k ]
/ ˈnɑ nək /


Guru, 1469–1539, Indian religious leader: founder of Sikhism. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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British Dictionary definitions for guru


/ (ˈɡʊruː, ˈɡuːruː) /


a Hindu or Sikh religious teacher or leader, giving personal spiritual guidance to his disciples
often derogatory a leader or chief theoretician of a movement, esp a spiritual or religious cult
often facetious a leading authority in a particular fielda cricketing guru
Derived Formsguruship, noun

Word Origin for guru

C17: from Hindi gurū, from Sanskrit guruh weighty


/ (ˈnaːˌnʌk) /


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Word Origin and History for guru



1800, gooroo, from Hindi guru "teacher, priest," from Sanskrit guru-s "one to be honored, teacher," literally "heavy, weighty," from PIE root *gru- (see grave (adj.)). Generalized sense of "mentor" is from 1940; sense of "expert in something" first recorded c.1966 in Canadian English in reference to Marshall McLuhan.

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Culture definitions for guru


[ (goor-ooh, goo-rooh) ]

In Hinduism, a teacher or spiritual leader.


By extension, a “guru” is a teacher who attracts disciples or followers.

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