[ guhsh ]
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verb (used without object)
  1. to flow out or issue suddenly, copiously, or forcibly, as a fluid from confinement: Water gushed from the broken pipe.

  2. to express oneself extravagantly or emotionally; talk effusively: She gushed with pride over her new grandchild.

  1. to have a sudden, copious flow, as of blood or tears.

verb (used with object)
  1. to emit suddenly, forcibly, or copiously.

  1. a sudden, copious outflow of a fluid.

  2. the fluid emitted.

  1. effusive and often insincere language or behavior.

Origin of gush

First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English; probably of expressive origin; see gust1, rush1

synonym study For gush

1. See flow.

Other words for gush

Other words from gush

  • out·gush, verb (used with object)

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How to use gush in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for gush


/ (ɡʌʃ) /

  1. to pour out or cause to pour out suddenly and profusely, usually with a rushing sound

  2. to act or utter in an overeffusive, affected, or sentimental manner

  1. a sudden copious flow or emission, esp of liquid

  2. something that flows out or is emitted

  1. an extravagant and insincere expression of admiration, sentiment, etc

Origin of gush

C14: probably of imitative origin; compare Old Norse gjósa, Icelandic gusa

Derived forms of gush

  • gushing, adjective
  • gushingly, adverb

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