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[jin-i-kok-ruh-see, gahy-ni-, jahy-ni-]
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noun, plural gyn·e·coc·ra·cies.
  1. gynarchy.
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Origin of gynecocracy

From the Greek word gynaikokratía, dating back to 1605–15. See gyneco-, -cracy
Related formsgy·ne·co·crat [ji-nee-kuh-krat, gahy-, jahy-] /dʒɪˈni kəˌkræt, gaɪ-, dʒaɪ-/, noungy·ne·co·crat·ic [ji-nee-kuh-krat-ik, gahy-, jahy-; jin-i-, gahy-ni-, jahy-ni-] /dʒɪˌni kəˈkræt ɪk, gaɪ-, dʒaɪ-; ˌdʒɪn ɪ-, ˌgaɪ nɪ-, ˌdʒaɪ nɪ-/, adjective
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Historical Examples

  • Preceding the patriarchal period of paternal rule, there was maternal rule, gynecocracy.

    Elements of Folk Psychology

    Wilhelm Wundt

  • Even bachelors agreed that he lived under the mildest form of gynecocracy.