[ hab-it ]
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  1. an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary: the habit of looking both ways before crossing the street.

  2. customary practice or use: Daily bathing is an American habit.

  1. a particular practice, custom, or usage: the habit of shaking hands.

  2. a dominant or regular disposition or tendency; prevailing character or quality: She has a habit of looking at the bright side of things.

  3. Often the habit . addiction, especially to narcotics.

  4. mental character or disposition: a habit of mind.

  5. characteristic bodily or physical condition.

  6. the characteristic form, aspect, mode of growth, etc., of an organism: a twining habit.

  7. the characteristic crystalline form of a mineral.

  8. garb of a particular rank, profession, religious order, etc.: a monk's habit.

  9. the attire worn by a rider of a saddle horse.

verb (used with object)

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  1. old habits die hard. See entry at old habits die hard.

Origin of habit

First recorded in 1175–1225; Middle English, from Latin habitus “state, style, practice,” equivalent to habi- (variant stem of habēre “to have”) + -tus verbal noun suffix; replacing Middle English abit, from Old French

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3. See custom.

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[ hab-it ]

verb (used with object)
  1. Archaic. to dwell in.

verb (used without object)
  1. Obsolete. to dwell.

Origin of habit

First recorded in 1325–75; Middle English habiten from Old French (h)abiter, from Latin habitāre “to wear habitually; inhabit; see habitat

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British Dictionary definitions for habit


/ (ˈhæbɪt) /

  1. a tendency or disposition to act in a particular way

  2. established custom, usual practice, etc

  1. psychol a learned behavioural response that has become associated with a particular situation, esp one frequently repeated

  2. mental disposition or attitude: a good working habit of mind

    • a practice or substance to which a person is addicted: drink has become a habit with him

    • the state of being dependent on something, esp a drug

  3. botany zoology the method of growth, type of existence, behaviour, or general appearance of a plant or animal: a climbing habit; a burrowing habit

  4. the customary apparel of a particular occupation, rank, etc, now esp the costume of a nun or monk

  5. Also called: riding habit a woman's riding dress

  6. crystallog short for crystal habit

  1. to clothe

  2. an archaic word for inhabit, habituate

Origin of habit

C13: from Latin habitus custom, from habēre to have

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Scientific definitions for habit


[ hăbĭt ]

  1. The characteristic shape of a crystal, such as the cubic habit that is characteristic of pyrite.

  2. The characteristic manner of growth of a plant. For example, grape plants and ivy display a vining habit.

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see kick a habit.

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