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[ haj-ee ]


, plural haj·is.
  1. a variant of hajji.

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Example Sentences

“I do all this stuff in the community and the haji mart over there,” he said, using the slang for Iraqis used by U.S. soldiers.

In the past, nationalist and Islamist groups have cooperated; and some Baathists like Haji Bakr have later become Islamists.

“We told Afghans not to vote,” said Haji Shakor, a Taliban commander in central Afghanistan.

It wounded two more people, said police spokesman Haji Yaqoob of Khost province.

And behold my neighbours said unto me, Seek not advice of any in this matter, save only of the upright Haji Kas.

Then Haji Kas arose, and gat him out of the chest; and he and his son slank away in shame together.

Vultures and kites are common enough; and Haji Laqlaq the stork comes in regularly from his pilgrimage to Mecca in the spring.

Here, at an altitude of about 8500 feet, a winter in Bamian is endurable, and Haji Khan avowed his intention of remaining.

The Haji tore the letter into fragments, and made some unseemly remarks.


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