[han-dee-kraft, -krahft]


manual skill.
an art, craft, or trade in which the skilled use of one's hands is required.
the articles made by handicraft: a shop offering the handicraft of various South American nations.

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Also handcraft.

Origin of handicraft

1225–75; Middle English hendi craft dexterous skill. See handy, craft

Related formshand·i·craft·ship, noun

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skill or dexterity in working with the hands
a particular skill or art performed with the hands, such as weaving, pottery, etc
Also called: handcraft the work produced by such a skill or artlocal handicraft is on sale
Derived Formshandicraftsman, noun

Word Origin for handicraft

C15: changed from handcraft through the influence of handiwork, which was analysed as if handy + work

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Word Origin and History for handicraft



Old English handcræft "skill of the hand," from hand (n.) + craft (n.). Later hændecraft (c.1200), perhaps from influence of handiwork.

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