[ han-dee ]
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adjective,hand·i·er, hand·i·est.
  1. within easy reach; conveniently available; accessible: The aspirins are handy.

  2. convenient or useful: A digital thermometer is a handy thing to have at home.

  1. skillful with the hands; deft; dexterous: a handy person.

  2. easily maneuvered: a handy ship.

Origin of handy

First recorded in 1275–1325; Middle English (in surnames); see hand, -y1

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3. See dexterous.

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  • hand·i·ness, noun

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[ han-dee ]

  1. W(illiam) C(hristopher), 1873–1958, U.S. blues composer.

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/ (ˈhændɪ) /

adjectivehandier or handiest
  1. conveniently or easily within reach

  2. easy to manoeuvre, handle, or use: a handy tool

  1. skilful with one's hands

Derived forms of handy

  • handiness, noun

British Dictionary definitions for Handy (2 of 2)


/ (ˈhændɪ) /

  1. W (illiam) C (hristopher). 1873–1958, US blues musician and songwriter, esp noted for the song "St Louis Blues"

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see come in handy.

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