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[ hand-ler ]


  1. a person or thing that handles.
  2. Boxing. a person who assists in the training of a fighter or is the fighter's second during a fight.
  3. a person who exhibits a dog in a bench show or field trial.



/ ˈhændlə /


  1. a person, esp a police officer, in charge of a specially trained dog
  2. a person who handles some specified thing

    a baggage handler

  3. a person who holds or incites a dog, gamecock, etc, esp in a race or contest
  4. the trainer or second of a boxer



/ ˈhændlə /


  1. HandlerDaniel1970MUSWRITING: children's author Daniel . born 1970, US writer for older children, best known for the macabre humour of his A Series of Unfortunate Events , a sequence of books written in the persona of Lemony Snicket

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Word History and Origins

Origin of handler1

1350–1400; Middle English. See handle, -er 1

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Example Sentences

They may show no interest in toys at all, as well as being considerably less motivated to please the handler.

If a dog does detect the coronavirus in a person, it has been trained to sit down, in a relatively un-alarming way of signaling to its handler.

The collar is closed with a specially designed magnetic release that the handler can activate, but the dog can’t.

The new rules also mandate access for only up to two dogs per handler, but, again, an airline can choose to allow more if it so wishes.

Even today, they’re often controlled by a human handler behind the scenes, and the most jaw-dropping cuts can require several takes to nail.

Chelsea Handler made political statements with hers on Instagram.

The one woman since Rivers to find success in late-night, Chelsea Handler on the bowels of cable on the E!

Handler, you see, might have been the first late-night host who got it.

This is to say that Handler is, at the very least, a polarizing personality.

But beyond the execution of her show on a nightly basis, Chelsea Handler as a late-night host at all was revolutionary.

Under his expert manipulation, a small robot handler rolled into the room.

The 'Disclosure' Act was an old ruling that any transmission must not be used for the benefit of any handler.

When with the gambler, or the roue, he was equally at home—a debauchee, or a handler of cards.

Almost grotesquely now, the handler stood poised above the place where the sphere had been and in its jaws it held the bar.

There was a groaning crash as the handler came to a halt, shuddering, with only eight inches of the bar buried in the sphere.


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