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  1. a shoulder-shaped frame with a hook at the top, usually of wire, wood, or plastic, for draping and hanging a garment when not in use.
  2. a part of something by which it is hung, as a loop on a garment.
  3. a contrivance on which things are hung, as a hook.
  4. Automotive. a double-hinged device linking the chassis with the leaf springs on vehicles having solid axles.
  5. a light saber of the 17th and 18th centuries, often worn by sailors.
  6. a person who hangs something.

Origin of hanger

1400–50; late Middle English hangere; see hang, -er1
Can be confusedhangar hanger
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Contemporary Examples of hanger

Historical Examples of hanger

  • I'll lay the first fellow's skull open with this hanger that fires a shot at him.

    Confessions Of Con Cregan

    Charles James Lever

  • He strode out of the office, hooking his sidearm belt from a hanger as he went by.

    The Best Made Plans

    Everett B. Cole

  • He took his coat from the hanger, put it on, and reached for his hat, then hesitated.

    Final Weapon

    Everett B. Cole

  • Behind a calico curtain was his new suit, dismayingly neat on its hanger.

    Free Air

    Sinclair Lewis

  • He drew his hanger; and for that instant his sun was at noon.

    Peter and Wendy

    James Matthew Barrie

British Dictionary definitions for hanger


    1. any support, such as a hook, strap, peg, or loop, on or by which something may be hung
    2. See coat hanger
    1. a person who hangs something
    2. (in combination)paperhanger
  1. a bracket designed to attach one part of a mechanical structure to another, such as the one that attaches the spring shackle of a motor car to the chassis
  2. a wood on a steep hillside, characteristically beech growing on chalk in southern England
    1. a loop or strap on a sword belt from which a short sword or dagger was hung
    2. the weapon itself
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Word Origin and History for hanger

early 15c., "one who hangs (something)," especially "hangman;" agent noun of hang (v.). Meaning "something that is suspended" is late 15c. Meaning "thing from which something is hung" is from 1690s. Specifically of coat or dress hangers from 1873. Hanger-on is from 1540s.

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