[ hash-tag ]
/ ˈhæʃˌtæg /
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(on social media websites)
  1. a word or phrase preceded by a hash mark (#), used within a message to identify a keyword or topic of interest and facilitate a search for it: The hashtag #sandiegofire was used to help coordinate an emergency response to the fire.
  2. a hash mark used in this way.
  1. a word or phrase preceded by a hash mark (#) or by the word hashtag, used to add wit or emphasis to a spoken or written statement.
  2. a hash mark or the word hashtag used in this way, as in the sentence His goodbye was so hashtag awkward.
verb (used with or without object), hash·tagged, hash·tag·ging.
to add a hashtag to (a word, topic, or message): Someone on Twitter just hashtagged the film festival.


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Origin of hashtag

First recorded in 2005–10; hash (mark) + tag1 (in the sense “a label or keyword”)
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What does hashtag mean?

A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash mark (#), also known as a pound sign, used primarily on social media.

On social media, hashtags provide users a way to search for posts related to the word or phrase in the hashtag. You can click on a hashtag to see a list of recent posts that include that keyword. (A couple of our favorites are #WordOfTheDay and #WordNerd.)

To hashtag means to add a hashtag to a word, topic, or message, as in We hashtag our posts about history with #HistoryMatters so you can find them easily.

Example: Use the hashtag #petthedog with a video of you petting your dog for a chance to win our contest.

Where does hashtag come from?

The first records of the term hashtag come from the early 2000s. It combines the term hash mark, meaning the pound symbol (#), and the term tag, meaning “label or keyword.” The similarity of hashtag and hashmark is the main reason many people use the terms interchangeably sometimes.

Attaching a hashtag to a social media post allows it to be more easily found by people who may be interested in the post’s content. You might hear the term hashtag used as a way to add humor to a sentence, as in My conversation with the principal was hashtag awkward.

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How is hashtag used in real life?

While hashtags can be an online tool for businesses, they are commonly used by casual social media users, too.


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Is hashtag used correctly in the following sentence?

I hashtagged all my tweets about the conference with the conference name so followers could find them.

How to use hashtag in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for hashtag

/ (ˈhæʃˌtæɡ) /

(on the Twitter website) a word or phrase preceded by a hash mark, used to denote the topic of a post
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