[ has-lit, heys-, heyz- ]
/ ˈhæs lɪt, ˈheɪs-, ˈheɪz- /

noun Chiefly Southern U.S.

the heart, liver, etc., of a hog or other animal used for food.
Also harslet.

Origin of haslet

1300–50; Middle English hastelet < Middle French: roasted meat, diminutive (see -let) of haste spit, piece of spitroasted meat < Germanic; compare Old English hearstepanne frying pan, hierstan to roast, fry, Dutch harst sirloin; see hearth
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/ (ˈhæzlɪt) /


a loaf of cooked minced pig's offal, eaten cold

Word Origin for haslet

C14: from Old French hastelet piece of spit roasted meat, from haste spit, of Germanic origin; compare Old High German harsta frying pan
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