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  1. a person who has an intense dislike for another person or thing (often used in combination): I'm a big hater of opera. Are you a dog-hater?
  2. Informal. a person who thrives on showing hate toward, criticizing, or belittling other people or things, usually unfairly: The guy is just a hater, looking for a fight.

Origin of hater

1350–1400; Middle English; see hate + -er1
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    1. someone who hates a specified person or thinga passionate hater of tyranny
    2. (in combination)a woman-hater; a cop-hater
  1. informal, mainly US and Canadian a grudging or spiteful person, esp one who disparages othersDon't let the haters get you down
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Word Origin and History for hater

late 14c., "one who hates, an enemy," agent noun from hate (v.).

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