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Enjoy oneself enormously, as in It was a great trip—I had a ball. This idiom uses the noun ball in the sense of “a gala dance.” [Slang; 1920s]

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What does have a ball mean?

Have a ball is a figurative phrase that means to enjoy oneself greatly, as in My kids love Disneyland, so they will have a ball when we go there this summer. 

Generally, you’ll use have a ball while you’re enjoying yourself, so you’ll say that you’re having a ball. But you can also use the phrase when you’re looking forward to an activity (We’ll have a ball at the arcades!) or later, when the event is over (We had a ball at the pool today.)

A literal sense of have a ball means to hold a ball or have control over a ball, as in Maddie scored a lot of goals during the soccer game because she had the ball a lot. As you’d imagine, this sense is less common.

Example: Anita had a ball at laser tag and can’t wait to play again.

Where does have a ball come from?

The first records of the phrase have a ball come from around 1879. It comes from American slang. The word ball is used in the sense of a fancy party with dancing, such as the one attended by Cinderella.

Have a ball is more likely to be used in informal writing and speech, such as social media posts, or less serious news reports. The phrases have fun or enjoy oneself are generally preferred in formal writing, such as essays for a class or a report for your boss.

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Have a ball is a commonly used phrase that means to enjoy yourself.

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My friends were having a ball at the party and couldn’t wait to leave because it was so boring.

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