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[ hed-band ]


  1. a band worn around the head; fillet.
  2. Printing. a band for decorative effect at the head of a chapter or of a page in a book.
  3. a band sewed or glued to the head or tail of the back of a book, or to both, often to protect and strengthen the binding but sometimes for decoration. Compare tailband.


/ ˈhɛdˌbænd /


  1. a ribbon or band worn around the head
  2. a narrow cloth band attached to the top of the spine of a book for protection or decoration

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Word History and Origins

Origin of headband1

First recorded in 1525–35; head + band 2

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Example Sentences

Her fashion style stood out amongst the cast as her signature matching outfit and headband combo became the hallmark of her style.

Former youth poet laureate Amanda Gorman delivered her original poem, “The Hill We Climb,” in a red headband and yellow coat by Miuccia Prada, a designer Gorman has said she personally admires for her feminist advocacy and intellect.

From Vox

Its ergonomically designed “halo” headband is easy to adjust and rests comfortably on your head, and the viewfinder is able to accommodate those with glasses.

Before I got the Alpine headband, my ears would always hurt.

Apple had aimed to announce the headphones earlier, but it was delayed after the headband was deemed too tight in testing, Bloomberg reported in October.

From Fortune

“[M]any a headband was soon stained red,” noted a TIME cover story from 1964.

But the crown itself (or headband or cluster of buds) screams disingenuous.

The King was all bones and coal eyes under the shiny gold headband.

It comes with matching headband, optional sleeve panels and petticoat.

Dressed down in jean shorts and white a t-shirt for lunch with friends, the singer wore her new hair with a gold headband.

Under their dropped lids his eyes found the tiny bow of the leather headband inside his high grade ha.

His fingers found quickly a card behind the headband and transferred it to his waistcoat pocket.

Stepping into the porch he doffed his hat, took the card from his pocket and tucked it again behind the leather headband.

For very large books a double headband may be worked on two pieces of gut or string—a thick piece with a thin piece in front.

This method, I think, has little constructive value, but it certainly avoids the rather unfinished look of the cut-off headband.


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