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verb (used with object)
  1. to make healthy, whole, or sound; restore to health; free from ailment.

  2. to bring to an end or conclusion, as conflicts between people or groups, usually with the strong implication of restoring former amity; settle; reconcile: They tried to heal the rift between them but were unsuccessful.

  1. to free from evil; cleanse; purify: to heal the soul.

verb (used without object)
  1. to effect a cure.

  2. (of a wound, broken bone, etc.) to become whole or sound; mend; get well (often followed by up or over).

  1. (in a video game) a category of spell that restores the health of a player character: I thought the party was gonna wipe, but a clutch heal saved our Monk and he finished off the boss alone.

Origin of heal

First recorded before 900; Middle English helen, Old English hǣlan (cognate with Dutch helen, German heilen, Old Norse heila, Gothic hailjan ), derivative of hāl hale1, whole

synonym study For heal

1. See cure.

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Other words from heal

  • heal·a·ble, adjective
  • half-healed, adjective
  • pre·heal, verb (used with object)
  • un·heal·a·ble, adjective
  • un·healed, adjective
  • well-healed, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for heal


/ (hiːl) /

  1. to restore or be restored to health

  2. (intr; often foll by over or up) (of a wound, burn, etc) to repair by natural processes, as by scar formation

  1. (tr)

    • to treat (a wound, etc) by assisting in its natural repair

    • to cure (a disease or disorder)

  2. to restore or be restored to friendly relations, harmony, etc

Origin of heal

Old English hælan; related to Old Norse heila, Gothic hailjan, Old High German heilen; see hale 1, whole

Derived forms of heal

  • healable, adjective
  • healer, noun
  • healing, noun, adjective

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