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[ hel-thee ]


, health·i·er, health·i·est.
  1. possessing or enjoying good health or a sound and vigorous mentality:

    a healthy body;

    a healthy mind.

    Synonyms: robust, hearty, hale

    Antonyms: sick

  2. pertaining to or characteristic of good health or a sound and vigorous mind:

    a healthy appearance;

    healthy attitudes.

  3. conducive to good health; healthful:

    healthy recreations.

    Synonyms: nourishing, nutritious

  4. eligible for the Food and Drug Administration's label certifying that a food is suitable for helping consumers achieve a total diet that conforms to dietary recommendations.
  5. prosperous or sound:

    a healthy business.

  6. Informal. fairly large:

    I bought a healthy number of books.


/ ˈhɛlθɪ /


  1. enjoying good health
  2. functioning well or being sound

    the company's finances are not very healthy

  3. conducive to health; salutary
  4. indicating soundness of body or mind

    a healthy appetite

  5. informal.
    considerable in size or amount

    a healthy sum

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Derived Forms

  • ˈhealthiness, noun
  • ˈhealthily, adverb
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Other Words From

  • health·i·ly adverb
  • health·i·ness noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of healthy1

First recorded in 1545–55; health + -y 1
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Synonym Study

Healthy, healthful, salubrious, salutary, wholesome refer to the promotion of health. Healthy, while applied especially to what possesses health, is also applicable to what is conducive to health: a healthy climate; not a healthy place to be. Healthful and salubrious are applied chiefly to what is conducive to health: healthful diet or exercise; a salubrious impact on mental outlook. Salutary suggests something that is conducive to well-being generally, as well as beneficial in preserving or in restoring health: salutary effects; to take salutary measures. It is used also to indicate moral benefit: to have a salutary fear of devious behavior. Wholesome has connotations of attractive freshness and purity; it applies to what is good for one, physically, morally, or both: wholesome food; wholesome influences or advice.
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Example Sentences

“There are historic reasons why talking about sex is jarring, and those reasons aren’t very healthy,” Borichevsky says.

I realized I needed to be healthier, and walking is just one piece of it.

So, if you’re both largely healthy, don’t feel like you have to hold off on cuddling or having sex.

Hopefully we can have a healthy lineup once we start playing again.

Having a better understanding of coyotes and how they play a role in our cities will lead to a safer and healthier urban ecosystem.

The citizens of Stevens Point defeated fluoridation by a healthy margin.

And more trivial modifications like altering bodily odors and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

At present, not every woman is young enough, fertile enough, or healthy enough to have a baby using her own eggs or her own womb.

But self-doubt, while a healthy quality for human beings to have, is alas not a plus for politicians.

They just might change how they feel, how healthy they are, and how they live their lives.

Out gets Uncle David, looking brown and healthy after his northern excursion.

It will hold tenaciously there, the last of its race, days after the decay of its greener and more healthy-looking mates.

And as I know you are always so busy telling people how perfectly healthy they are, come next Sunday to tea at five.

Notwithstanding the intense heat the open-air life of the march was healthy, and, in many respects, agreeable.

Well over 70 now, healthy and p. 93energetic still, he occupies the position he did then.





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